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RBK School, Chembur is located in the Eastern Suburb of Mumbai. The school is managed by Babubhai Kanakia Foundation Trust.

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Ms. Seema Kshatriya

Principal, RBK School, Chembur

‘Learning gives you creativity and creativity leads to thinking and thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great ‘ A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

At RBK School, Chembur we endeavor to provide each student with a curriculum which both challenges and inspires them to reach their individual potentials. We create an ambience where a child can develop social competencies and foster a positive atmosphere which will further encourage an intellectual and emotional growth.
With an extensive rewarding history and legacy in education, RBK School, Chembur moves forward with pride and confidence!


The Curriculum at

RBK School, Chembur

RBK School, Chembur is a new-age institution that focuses on a skills-based, student-centered, inquiry-oriented, personalized model of learning. The curriculum developed is based on age-specific learning outcomes and helps children to explore their world in multiple ways. Learning is child-centric and is made authentic and meaningful through experiences derived from a student’s interactions with nature, people, and day-to-day things.

Learning facilities

at RBK School, Chembur

The RBK School, Chembur


An application-oriented national curriculum addressing the needs of your child as a twenty-first-century global citizen.

Student-centered methodology empowers your child to blossom as a personality.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology create an ideal environment for learning, evolving, and growing.

Activities beyond academics to focus on the all-around development of your child.