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RBK Schools bring together the best practices into all our curriculum offerings.



Beyond the


Subjects taught in the school must go beyond the books, board & class. At Kanakia International School, we invest in cross-curricular integration and our learners are engaged in inquiry-based and concept-based learning.

Technology is integrated into creative and innovative ways while culture is embedded in a mindset that continuously evolves in the direction of growth.

We persuade students and provide them with opportunities to move beyond the classroom to connect with the world around them to make a difference in meaningful ways. Learning at RBKEI is indeed an experience in leading change.

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Fresh, tasty & healthy meals at RBK School are prepared by highly experienced catering professionals, in hygienic & well-equipped kitchens.

The canteen caters to students, staff and families. The menu is planned to maintain variety and norms of nutritional value. The menu includes multi-cuisine, pure-vegetarian dishes; a mixture of Indian, Continental.




Here at Kanakia International School, the happiness, care, and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority, and we understand the overall stress and academic pressure students can be exposed to.

We provide well international and experienced school counselors to our students. Our qualified counselors work with students individually and in small groups to help in the areas of academic achievement and personal, emotional, and social development.

Our close collaboration with staff members and parents allows students in Pre-School and Primary School to be referred by a teacher or parent, whereby senior students can make self-referrals. Counseling sessions are always held in confidence and according to standard counseling practice.

Many different workshops, and webinars offered through RBKEI social media platforms, provide information on a regular basis for students, parents, and the wider community. These webinars and workshops are developed to meet the ever-changing needs of the global community.

For more information on upcoming webinars, please visit our social media pages.



At Kanakia International School we aim to build a lifelong relationship with our students, starting with strong engagement through the student experience and maintaining this relationship whilst they begin their university or professional careers.

Over the course of the last 2 decades, thousands of students have graduated from RBKEI Schools across the world and gone on to achieve exceptional professional success. From being accepted into the top global universities to building successful careers in the fields of technology, healthcare, law, business, finance, music, media, and sport, to name but a few, RBKEI students have impacted positive change in their chosen fields. We are exceedingly proud of their achievements.

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Alumni –
Kanakia International School, Chembur

University &

Career Pathways

From high school to university and the world of work beyond, our mission is to open doors and facilitate success every step of the way.

We have always seen it as our responsibility to support students not only while they’re at school, but also after they’ve left.




Educational researchers have shown the importance of parental engagement in the success of their child’s education. We want the best for your child, and by working in partnership we can successfully enrich your child’s journey through RBK School, Chembur.

Regular communication is at the core of our partnership approach. Keeping parents in the loop regarding their child’s progress is an essential part of what we do. From consultation evenings and written reports to an ‘open door’ policy that ensures parents can speak with us at any stage, we keep those all-important channels of communication wide open.



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