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Dear Ma'am,
Below is a short testimonial about how pursuing IGCSE helped shape me as an individual: Generally, to be successful, we are often told one must attain a high school diploma, go to college, and get a degree in a specific field of study. However, there is not much value to schooling unless education helps us become better people to make an impact. My roots go back to my IGCSE curriculum which has increased my critical thinking, broadened my knowledge and honed my skills. IGCSE is very good for people who enjoy being in control of their own learning at their own time. You are made to be independent, responsible, organised and are always encouraged to think beyond the box. Following the IGCSE curriculum has also provided me with a better understanding of the business world. Through subjects such as economics, business studies, and accounting, not only have I learnt what goes into building a business from scratch but also what makes these businesses resilient and robust in challenging times. Studying at RBK has surely shaped me to become prepared for my future career and contribution to society. I have completed International Management from the Rennes School of Business, France and have studied Canine Care at the British College of Canine Studies.

Ms. Anushka

As they say, change is the only constant in life, but how we adapt to these changes makes or breaks us. This Pandemic was something really unplanned for all of us out there. Initially the thought of online schooling brought in panic waves like most of the parents to me as well, but as always KIS has handled this situation so well and kept us stress free during this time. As someone rightly quoted learning is more effective when it is active rather than a passive process - @KIS learning never stops. Though the methods/process was different, Thanks to our wonderful teachers who made this transition so smooth. I definitely won’t deny that students miss their physical school, but our school management made sure that kids did not miss any of their favorite events, be it sports day, annual function, and public holiday celebrations, so on & so forth. I also appreciate the school for not burdening the students & parents with few avoidable activities due to the current situations. Thanks for being so mindful. Though technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important and at the same time, technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be really transformational & this is what I have seen with our teachers @ KIS.

Ms. Kavit Mahesh

With the whole COVID-19 situation, a lot of teachers have been facing very unique challenges. The whole situation demanded that they go through digital transformation overnight, open their home and share contact numbers for public viewing, accommodate with little or no teaching resources, get paid less than full monthly salary, teach children while their parents judge them for their teaching style and many more such challenges. My appreciation and respect for these relentless fighters can’t be expressed in words. I want to salute all the gurus across the world who continued to take on the challenges that were thrown at them. They cared for children’s learning more than anything else. Kudos to the teachers’ fraternity at RBK. I salute to your relentless spirit.

Mrs. Ishika Shetty

I wholeheartedly appreciate the initiative taken by the entire KIS regarding the online classes to enable learning during these hard times of pandemic Covid-19. I even want to thank all the teachers who are making the online classes far more interactive and interesting for learners. Overall, my experience has been really great and way better than my expectations. I also want to thank KIS for proving that "learning never stops..."

Mr. Nitin Gupta

Our heartfelt gratitude to The Management, Principal Ms. Monica Sarang and teachers for extending Nivya such a large platform to showcase her talent!!She is an ardent fan of Taylor Swift and wants to walk in her footsteps to perform like her! Nivya came as an introverted girl to RBKIA last year, but now we can see her maturing into a responsible teenager! She owes this confidence to her teachers. We, as her parents, express great appreciation for all your constant support coming her way! Nivya has always been interested in music & Mr Felix Hug is guiding her to hone her skills elegantly with his honest feedback, yet with words of encouragement. Special thanks Ms. Meera Rangarajan for her reassurance for making this really happen! Proud parents of Nivya, we are, say, Opportunities, a galore at RBKIA!

Mr. Kapil & Ms. Shella Gupta

I am writing this today to appreciate all the hard work Sushmita ma'am has put in to make lessons interesting and fun and I definitely see the result in my child's performance. The constant questions asked by her have given a boost to my child's confidence and the way questions are twisted definitely tests his knowledge. He loves attending math sessions which he used to dislike last year. He is able to solve word problems and explains the concepts well whenever asked ,which was difficult earlier seems like a cake walk now. Thanks once again for all the hard work and efforts put in. Really appreciate it!! Regards

Mr. Nasreen Khan

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