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At Kanakia Kids, we want to give our students the best of knowledge by utilizing appropriate methods & material. Children are taught using hands-on learning methods that allows them to be active participants throughout the day. Our unique curriculum promotes discovery and exploration and prepares children for life beyond the classroom.

Hi, I’m GiGi
Intelligent | Thoughtful | Lively Curious | Inquisitive

GiGi is always full of energy and he likes thoughtful and inventive experimentation. He is happy, outgoing, and friendly. He cares for his friends and eagerly shares his enthusiasm with people around him.

Our Approach

Our curriculum is founded on the belief that all children are natural learners who are curious about the world around them. We strive to enhance their curiosity through inquiry based learning and creative exploration enabling them to be independent thinkers. Our inquiry-based programme provides opportunities for children to be independent, creative and confident problem-solvers.

We are dedicated to providing a rich and diverse curriculum that allows each child to exhibit their individuality through different forms of self-expression and group participation.

Play Based Curriculum: Your child’s passport to holistic development/development and wellbeing

Curriculam Model

Benefits of Play-based


Reduces childhood stress & anxiety
Develops social emotional skills
Increases fine & gross motor skills
Encourages cooperation with peers
Develops a healthy sensory system

Shape of the Day

Innovative Thinking


Helps children express their emotions and ideas. It helps children cope with their feelings, fosters mental growth, builds innovation skills and helps them think in new ways.


Helps children explore, investigate and observe. It helps students develop critical thinking skills by stimulating their sense and encourages them to understand things.


Gives children opportunities to role-play as adults in everyday situations and a variety of careers. It helps them understand how to act, react and interact as well as provides them with knowledge of the community.


Helps children improve their motor skills, develop math concepts as well as logical thinking abilities and learn to work with their classmates while introducing them to the concepts of engineering and architecture.

Beyond Academics

Digital Atelier
Film Making
Emotional Quotient
Literacy Circle
Clay Atelier